Family performance for children 4+ with accompanied by adults

Where do the senses hide? is a journey of self-discovery into the nooks and crannies of our bodies. During it, the participants – children and adults – will find out in which parts of the body the diffe- rent senses are located and experience them through the proposed games.

The performance has a non-linear stage shape and uses movement, dance, visual forms, music and words. The interdisciplinarity of the performance and the dramaturgy based on free dialogue combined with movement and playful associations allow us to activate our imagination and find something for ourselves in the whole proposal.

In the performance space we move without shoes.



Choreography, direction, script: Renata Piotrowska-Auffret

Choreography, direction, script: Magda Fejdasz, Dana Chmielewska

Set design: Zuza Golińska

Music: Simon Auffret

Partner: Dans i Trøndelag

Premiere: 04.06.2022, Nowy Teatr in Warszawie

Performance time: 45 minutes




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Oczami dziecka. O spektaklu „Gdzie się kryją zmysły?” Renaty Piotrowskiej-Auffret

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