Mother’s Day is everyday.

Photo: Marta Ankiersztejn



Territories of Intimacy choreographic workshop for women of all ages

During practical and theoretical workshop we will be doing choreographic and movement practices and develop discussions based on choosen texts. We gonna look together at the modes of appropriation and deconstruction of female victim representations and emancipatory dimension of a witch figures.

From physical perspective, the participants together with a leader – Renata Piotrowska-Auffret, will create a movement and choreographic practices based on the sense of being together, listening and experiencing your own body and the power which can be awaken from the body biology. The group will work with phenomenas of victim figure and witch figure – its historical and contemporary symptoms. Choreographer Renata Piotrowska-Auffret will propose as a starting point to practice in movement, chosen tasks and scenes from her previous pieces. 

From intellectual perspective, the group will try to create a vision of a new system, new strategies of building female body representations and its treatments. Through reading and discussing, participants will analize choosen issues from three subjects: women’s independency, politics of reproduction and aging female body. During meetings participants will also talk about horizontal human relations and politics of care.

All the tasks which will be realized during the workshop, will be based on and dependent from a relation between practice and theory. Choreography in that workshop is understood in a wide sense, as strategies and modes of relations between bodies and minds, movements and thoughts in given educational, artistic and social context.

Such a laboratory meeting, which joins practice with theory, will give a chance to see social dimension of choreography. This workshop experience might be not only an important „her and now“ experience  but also a trigger to further individual or collective activities in a broader social and political context. 


10th-14th of August 2020 – Bulwar[t] of Art, Łaźnia Nowa Theatre, Cracow, Poland | live workshop

15th of September–7th of November 2020 – Circe – Experimental Platform for Dance and Theatre, Georgia & Performat Foundation, Poland | online workshop




Online master classes in the frame of Zrób to sam (Do It Yourself) by Nowy Theatre in Warsaw

The choreographer will lead us through the haptic of our corporeality.

She will also lead the focused meditation which will help us to sharpen the sense of a touch.

What do you feel? Do you think about your body tenderly?


Watch the workshop online



Practices of Touch in a Time of Plague 

During the workshop, Renata Piotrowska-Auffret will propose performative and movement practices of touch, closeness and needs of the body. During the time of pandemia, the touch became a threat. In the same time due to isolation, it became also an unobtainable desire or a way for self-care, self-realization. This situation opens space for new experiments and questions arond the notions of practising, performing and choreographing touch.

How a practice of touch can became a practice of resistance? How to activate body to move through the touch in an online situation? How the relation between movement and words is changing in the frame of online workshop? What is a virtual performative and choreographic potential of touch?


29th of June & 2nd of July 2020 – Theatre Institute, Warsaw, Poland | online workshop



Body & Books – online workshops

Part 1

The idea of the project was born during the first lockdown, in Spring 2020. It is an educational and artistic proposition. How we can think about choreography in an expanded way? How we can learn the choreography is through moving our bodies, thoughts, words, images? How we can use the situation of being lockdowned at home for developing relations with our bodies, emotions and thoughts? Each online workshop is a guided class-tutorial for everyone. Every workshop is a response to the most actual situation in Poland or/and in the world. The workshop # 1 is a poetic response to Women’s Strike which started in October 2020.